Principle 5: Empathy, compassion, and acknowledgment of lived experiences is vital. Unbiased and non-judgmental support and caregiver behavior is priority.

As unique as survivors’ healing journeys are, so too are their lived experiences. It is impossible for care providers and support to practically share all imaginable lived experiences - and this makes it doubly necessary for anyone engaged in supporting survivors to rely on empathy and compassion while responding to survivor needs. It is fundamental to supporting a survivor that the provider acknowledges the survivor’s unique lived experiences, remains unbiased and non-judgmental, and centers the survivor’s needs through the process. At all times, it is vital to acknowledge the emotional labour involved in supporting survivors. At all times, the caregiver must avoid prejudicing the survivor or the survivor's experience, and must refrain from channeling or articulating their personal views on the survivor's sexual orientation and sexual history.